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Our Story

Everywhere you turn companies are selling the latest fad diets and trendy supplements that promise a shortcut to a healthy, happy life. We are tired of being told you can hack your way to health by simply swallowing a pill or drinking a scoop of powder. The key to a healthy life has been the same for centuries: eat more good foods, exercise regularly and everything in moderation.

We created Sprinkle Superfoods to help people get back to the basics and eat more good foods. Our superfood mixes are made from functional herbs and spices that transform your favorite foods to become more healthy and delicious. Our blends are made for every occasion, each one packed with simple ingredients, delicious taste, and the right amount of nutrition to experience the functional benefits of nature’s most healthy herbs and spices. What are you waiting for? It’s time to eat more good!

Our Promise

  • The right amount of nutrition in every serving. Ingredients with proven functional benefits. Serving sizes based upon peer-reviewed research. Ingredients working together for maximum impact.
  • Complex taste, simple ingredients. Healthy doesn't have to taste bad. Our mixes were developed by professional chefs to taste delicious. We're not chasing the latest fads. All of our products are made with timeless ingredients you can pronounce.
  • Products for every occasion. You choose when, where, and how to Sprinkle. All of our creations taste delicious in a wide variety of foods, any time of day, and whether you're at home or on-the-go.